Interreg DANUBE

The follow-up programme DTP2 (Danube Transnational Programme) will support cooperation between public institutions and the private sector in a very heterogeneous region of 14 countries. The projects will result in so-called "soft outputs" such as addressing common challenges and needs in specific areas, influencing policy frameworks, tools and services, but also making specific small-scale pilot investments.

Given the overlap of the territory and of the objectives between the programme and the Strategy for the Danube Region (EUSDR), the projects The following priorities and objectives have been set for the coming period: A Smarter Danube Region - strengthening research and innovation capacities, developing skills for smart specialization and industrial transformation. A Greener and a Low Carbon Danube Region - promoting renewable energy, biodiversity, sustainable water management, climate change adaptation. A More Social and Inclusive Danube Region - access to quality services and education, development of social infrastructure, strengthening the role of culture and tourism in economic development. A Better Cooperation Governance  - strengthening the institutional capacity of public authorities and stakeholders to implement macro-regional strategies.

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