Interreg V-A Czech Republic - Poland

In the period 2021-2027, the cross-border cooperation programme Czech Republic - Poland will build on the existing Interreg V-A Czech Republic-Poland programme.
The programme will focus on regional and local projects of cross-border relevance, with a great emphasis placed again on their real cross-border impacts. Only projects that can demonstrate a significant positive impact on the Czech and Polish border areas will be selected for funding.
The funds of the programme will be used to finance measures related to:

  • climate change adaptation, risk prevention and disaster resilience;
  • enhancing biodiversity, green infrastructure in urban areas and reducing pollution;
  • strengthening the role of culture and tourism in economic development, social inclusion and social innovation;
  • development of sustainable, smart and intermodal national, regional and local mobility resilient to climate change, including a better access to TEN-T and cross-border mobility;
  • enhancing the growth and competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises, and
  • cooperation of institutions and citizens.
Support from the programme is targeted mainly at public institutions and non-profit organizations. Project partners must observe the principle of a lead partner. That is, one of the project partners is designated as the lead partner of the project, who is responsible for the implementation of the entire project and must have at least one project partner based on the other side of the border.

Measures financed by the programme must have a cross-border impact, i.e. their impact must be present on both sides of the Czech-Polish border. The eligible territory of the programme on the Czech side are the regions of: Liberec, Hradec Králové, Pardubice, Olomouc and Moravian-Silesian, and on the Polish side: subregions Jeleniogórski, Wałbrzyski, Nyski, Opolski, Rybnicki and Bielski and Powiaty Pszczyński and Strzeliński.

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