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The Integrated Regional Operational Programme (IROP) is a follow-up to the seven regional operational programmes and partially to the Integrated Operational Programme of the programming period of 2007–2013. The IROP’s priority is to enable balanced territorial development, improve the infrastructure, improve public services and public administration and ensure sustainable development in villages, towns and regions.

Differences compared with 2007–2013

Sharp reduction in the number of programmes and one central programme, support for in-field and community-based approaches in social integration over ambulatory ones, extension of support for tools to support social integration – social housing, social entrepreneurship and shift in targeting at connection of the TEN-T network in road infrastructure


Transport in regions, improvement of public services, public administration.

Thematic objectives

  • 2. Increased use of information and communication technologies (PA 3)
  • 4. Reducing energy intensity of economy (PA 2)
  • 5. Reducing natural hazards, floods and environmental burden (PA 1)
  • 6. Protection of the environment and use of natural resources (PA 3)
  • 7. Modernization of transport infrastructure and ecological transport (PA 1)
  • 9. Functioning social system and combating poverty (PA 2, PA 4)
  • 10. Improving the educational system (PA 2)
  • 11. High-quality, efficient and transparent public administration and institutions (PA 3)

Supported areas

  • Priority axis 1: Competitive, accessible and safe regions
  • Priority axis 2: Enhancing public services and living conditions for the inhabitants of regions 
  • Priority axis 3: Good territorial administration and improvement in the effectiveness of public institutions
  • Priority axis 4: Community-led local development
  • Priority axis 5: Technical assistance
Integrated regional OP

Basic informations

Managing Authority: 
Ministry of regional development CZ

Allocation: 4,64 mld. EUR

Fund: EFRR